Simona Vilau

Simona Vilau (born on May 18th 1983, Romania), contemporary art curator and artist.

Lives and works in Bucharest. She started with an internship for NIT project (Atelier 35 Bucharest, 2005-2007), then she became a member of UNAgaleria’s board (2006-2008), and worked independently until 2010. In 2011, she has been the curator of LC Foundation Contemporary Art Centre in Bucharest and started as a member of Platforma space’s team, in the framework of Anexa MNAC Bucharest (until 2012).
She developed projects with artists concerned with provocative, transgressive aesthetics, being interested, as a curator, both in old and new media. As a researcher, she is part of the project Eastern European Collectors, initiated by Hans Knoll (art historian and owner of Knollgalerie, in Vienna and Budapest). She is a permanent collaborator of Arta magazine and worked on her Ph.D. thesis on a subject related to the  image of violence in Romanian contemporary art.


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